Worship and Music

The Worship and Music committee is responsible for the celebration of and education for worship at WPPC.

Thus, the committee facilitates the music ministry including the choir. Members are invited to participate in the music ministry by joining a choir and/or by giving to support special music events and instruments.

The Committee also schedules assisting ministers, lectors, eucharistic ministers, and offertory procession participants. Members are invited to attend scheduled training sessions for these worship roles.

Other means of participating in the worship ministry of WPPC are by supplying flowers for a specific Sunday, by preparing communion elements on Saturday, by baking bread for communion, by assisting in the preparation of baptismal quilts given to each child upon baptism, or by joining the Worship and the Arts subcommittee in the decoration of the sanctuary for special worship occasions, and by giving for special worship needs.

A variety of talents are needed to prepare worship at WPPC. Members are invited to share their talents through this ministry.