From the Table to the World: Food Basket Sunday

Why the baskets?

As a congregation committed to faithful worship we understand the hypocrisy of liturgy that does not move us beyond these walls to active engagement with the needy of the world. We have considered how to make more visible this connection between the liturgy and the life of the world and have decided to draw upon the once a year practice we usually associate with the Blessing of the Greens liturgy with which we begin each Advent.
Once a month, as an act of our worship, we will practice the sharing of our goods with the hungry through the Food Pantry. You are invited to bring with you gifts of food for this offering. The grocery cart will be present in our worship space to remind us of those who are hungry and without the basic necessities of life. After the offering plates have been passed, you may come forward to place the food items in the cart. If you prefer, you may place your gifts in the cart ahead of time or after the liturgy.
Our intention is to make clear for us all the strong ethical connection between the Table of the Lord from which we are fed and God’s call to us to feed the hungry of the world. Thus, two tables are joined: one sacramental and the other, a table of blessing for the poor of the earth. Your comments and reflections are welcome.
For your meditation, we offer the following:

As long as a meal remains the primary act of Christian worship and as long as Christian believers see the connection between that meal and our daily tables, issues of world hunger and of the distribution of resources that people need to live will not disappear from the agenda of Christian daily life.(Gordon Lathrop1)
From what we have learned about the Lord’s Supper as an act of love, as Agape, and as diakonia,it is obvious that it cannot be an end in itself. It is the source, the fountain, the well-spring of the church’s mission into and for the world.(Arthur C. Cochrane)

Eucharistic communion means nothing without human and social sharing, without identification with those people who, through most of their existence, go poor, hungry and naked.(Ion Bria)

Today we all are called to be
Disciples of the Lord,
To help to set the captive free,
Make plowshare out of sword,
To feed the hungry, quench their thirst,
Make love and peace our fast,
To serve the poor and homeless first,
Our ease and comfort last.
434 Presbyterian Hymnal
Text: © 1989 H. Ken Carmichael