Family Promise

Family Promise of Collin County
By Betty Weckerly

Wow, we are growing! As of January 22, we have 9 congregations with either their letters of commitment to the Family Promise of Collin County (FPPC) network or with money in their 2009 budgets and commitments in the works at their churches. As the first church to officially commit to this ministry for children and families who are temporarily homeless, we have both much to celebrate and much to do. The celebrations include that FPPC has been legally incorporated, has a post office box, and 501c3 status has been obtained from the IRS.

If you know someone who is part of another faith community and would like more information, please contact Debbie Stubbe, Priscilla Kimery, Becki Williams, Betty, or Richard Thompson. If you would like to help with preparations at WPPC, contact Betty. Initially we will be cleaning out the attic, in part, to make room for storage of bedding.

The Developing Board of Family Promise of Collin County is President, Betsy Covington;Vice President, Becki Williams; Secretary, Betty Weckerly; and Treasurer, Gary Rodenbaugh. Please help us transfigure the faces and lives of the homeless in our community by participating as you feel God’s tug to ministry through this endeavor.