Visitation of the Homebound

This ministry of the expresses the love and concern of the church by:

  • Determining whether a person wishes (and/or is able) to receive homebound communion on the first Sunday of the new month.
  • Keeping in contact by visit or phone about every two weeks.
  • Remembering with cards siginficant days such as birthdays.

Hospital Visitation

This ministry is responsible for visiting members who are hospitalized.

Prayer Ministry

This ministry manages the prayer list of concerns that appear each week in our worship aid and are sent out to those who wish to receive it via email. Follow up is made to determine what concerns may be removed from the list. This latter task is greatly helped when members communicate with the church office or with the serving deacon to indicate that someone might be removed from the list. Included under this thrust is the Wednesday morning prayer group that meets in the church Parlor at 10 am.

Care for the Dying and Bereaved

This ministry recognizes that the process of grief and pain of loss extends well past the funeral service. Care-giving takes form in "remembrance" through cards sent on the anniversary of such losses. This ministry also works with session committees as well as with the congregation at large in responding to the need for food on the occasion of deaths.

Advocacy for Justice

This ministry makes possible our solidarity with those in distress because of injustice, neglect, or indifference. In partnership with Dallas Area Interfaith, timely communications with the congregation facilitate participation in important hearings, meetings, discussion, and other activities that are seen as serving the reign of God on earth.

Transportation Needs

This ministry addresses the needs of members for transportation to and from church, as well as for other occasions -- such as doctor visits.