Forever 39

Forever 39 1yone who claims to be 39 years of age or older may be a member of Forever 39.   We are a dinner and games group. We meet the 4th Friday evening at 6:30pm in September, October, and January through May.  We meet for New Year’s Eve at 7pm on Dec. 31.    We do not meet in June, July, August, or November.  There are hosts each month.  The hosts decide where to eat and have the games.   Dinners are at a restaurant or potluck at church or the host's home. The games are played at the church or the host's home.  If it is a pot luck, bring a food dish to share and your drink of choice.  The games usually include Trivial Pursuit, Rummy Cube, Chicken Foot dominoes, and sometime one or two Bridge tables.  If you have a game you like, bring it.

Please join us for food, fun, and fellowship.Forever 39 2

Watch in the monthly newsletter and/or the Sunday news insert for details.

New folks are always welcome.

Hope to see you at our next event!