Catechumenate Leadership Team

Cheryl Helmick
Sara Jo Mueller
Laura Robinson
Jessica Russell
Deb Vermie
Becki Williams
David Batchelder



 Affirmers Process

This process is a model of faith discovery based on the catechumenate. It represents the church's way to meet people where they are, at their level of readiness, and walk together to discern God's hand in our lives.

Affirmers are baptized persons who are seeking a deeper faith in a Christian community through an intentional process of study and reflection. Following a time of inquiry in which they have participated in the life of the church, affirmers discern a call to enroll in a period of faith formation that is rooted in worship experience, developing new relationships and deepening an understanding of the church and its commitments to mission. This process of faith formation culminates in the reaffirmation of baptism and a commitment to become a part of the church through membership.